santa ana couch turf

Santa Ana Couch

Super Soft and Super Fine

santa ana couch turf


  • Under 100 m2 $10.00
  • Under 300 m2 $9.00
  • Over 300 m2 $8.00

Santa Ana Couch is one of our most attractive lawns. Super soft and fine, it’s suitable for sunny, high traffic areas and perfect for recreational/sports areas. This is a beautifully dense grass with a high wear tolerance; but does however require more attention than the average lawn to keep up its appearance. Needing to be kept short and well-manicured year-round, Santa Ana Couch offers a luxurious look in return for the care it receives. 

Santa Ana Couch is very drought tolerant once established and handles children and dogs easily with its ability to self-repair. This grass variety thrives well in most regions and is the popular choice for lawn tennis courts, golf courses, lawn bowling greens, ovals and schools.  

For those wanting a truly outstanding manicured lawn appearance; Santa Ana Couch is the perfect grass. 

Gallery of Santa Ana Couch


  • Fine leaf variety for commerical or residential applications
  • High wear tolerance
  • High drought tolerance once established
  • Fine leaf, soft to the touch
  • Grows best in full sun conditions
  • Harvest all year round in North East Victoria


  • Manicured lawn appearance
  • Must be kept short
  • Quick recovery from wear & damage
  • Drought tolerant

*All retail prices include GST, Lawn starter Fertiliser, forklift and delivery to your home.
*There is an additional $50 delivery fee for orders under 50m2 and also some out of town deliveries.
*20m2 is our minimal order delivered.
*Turf can be picked up off the farm at Yarrawonga by prior arrangement and there is no minimum order for this.
*Prices are at the 300+ price picked up.
*Prices are for local towns so please call to verify total costs.
*Same day cut and delivery on hot days for quality turf.