seedless kikuyu turf

Seedless Kikuyu

A soft bladed easy care lawn great for families.

seedless kikuyu


  • Under 100 m2 $10.00
  • Under 300 m2 $9.00
  • Over 300 m2 $8.00

Seedless Kikuyu is a wonderfully hardy lawn that can withstand the vigour of active children and pets. Great for young families, it’s a soft-blade easy-care lawn that handles high wear-and-tear.

The parent stock was collected here in North East Victoria and then bred for superior turf quality, creating a grass perfectly adapted to our climate.

Seedless Kikuyu is extremely popular with many of our local councils; especially for areas such as parks, round-a-bouts, football ovals, schools, kindergartens and day care centres.

Our Seedless Kikuyu has been selectively bred by our farm to produce a sterile plant that is less invasive than common kikuyu varieties. It’s an attractive lawn with a great drought tolerance and low maintenance requirements. The lack of fertile seed heads not only improves the visual appeal of this versatile grass, but also prevents blow over of seeds into garden beds or a neighbours’ yard.

For those who want a hardy, durable grass with a clean look; Seedless Kikuyu is the perfect grass.

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  • High wear tolerance 
  • High drought tolerance 
  • Medium to fine, soft leaf to the touch
  • Sterile seed head, reduces grass-irritation 
  • Grows best in full sun conditions
  • Harvest all year round in North East Victoria


  • Selectively bred sterile kikuyu
  • High durability
  • Fast repairing
  • Low water usage
  • Dense growth; provides good weed resistance.

*All retail prices include GST, Lawn starter Fertiliser, forklift and delivery to your home.
*There is an additional $50 delivery fee for orders under 50m2 and also some out of town deliveries.
*20m2 is our minimal order delivered.
*Turf can be picked up off the farm at Yarrawonga by prior arrangement and there is no minimum order for this.
*Prices are at the 300+ price picked up.
*Prices are for local towns so please call to verify total costs.
*Same day cut and delivery on hot days for quality turf.